PAINCAST: Neuropathic Pain Unravelled

PAINCAST: Neuropathic Pain Unravelled


PAINCAST is a creative podcast from the PAINSTORM research team exploring the experience of neuropathic pain. It's a novel collaboration between people living with chronic neuropathic pain and medical researchers. The podcast is presented and co-produced by BBC Radio presenter and writer Fiona Talkington, who lives with neuropathic pain.

"We hope that this podcast will lead to a wider understanding of neuropathic pain and its often devastating effects on peoples’ lives", says Fiona.  "We hope it will prove helpful for people living with neuropathic pain, for their carers, families and employers as well as all levels of the medical professions and researchers. We think it will be a good listen!"



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In Episode 1 we hear:

  • How chronic neuropathic pain affects around 8% of the UK population, and usually occurs following damage or injury to the sensory nervous system;
  • David Bennett, professor of neurology and neurobiology at Oxford University, who leads the multi-disciplinary PAINSTORM research project that the podcast accompanies, explains that the condition can be caused by conditions as varied as diabetes, HIV, chemotherapy for cancer treatment, or traumatic injury such as amputation;
  • How living with neuropathic pain can affect relationships;
  • Fiona speaks to Anusha Subramanyam, a dancer, teacher and dance movement therapist who has helped people living with chronic pain express their experiences of it through the medium of dance.



Read the full press release here: PAINCAST: Neuropathic Pain Unravelled

In Episode 2, Fiona and co-producer Mark Smalley hear from:


  • Professor David Bennett, leader of the PAINSTORM project;
  • BBC Security Correspondent Frank Gardner on 20 years of living with chronic neuropathic pain;
  • Clinical psychologist Dr Whitney Scott, from King’s College London and the INPUT Pain Unit, on different approaches to living with neuropathic pain;
  • Professor Andrew Rice on 40 years of being at the forefront of pain research and pain management;
  • Dancer Anusha Subramanyam who helps Fiona explore her relationship with her pain through the medium of Indian dance.


Also mentioned in the podcast:



Read the full press release here: "Whose pain is it anyway?"